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Some residents dealing with aftermath of flooding in Huntsville area

Posted at 6:17 PM, Jun 16, 2023

HUNTSVILLE, Utah — Residents near the South Fork of the Ogden River dealt with high water and flooding a month ago.

Even though the high water has passed, some people are still cleaning up the mess.

Alan Tolley and his wife have been managing The Ruby for the past three years.

"It has been closed for a year, about a year," he said.

Tolley has been working to restore the property, which he says was built by The Eagles in the mid-1950s.

He and his family also called the property home until last month, as the water in the South Fork of the Ogden River began to rise.

"We had time to evacuate that before there was damage to the trailer with it there, but so we've been living off-site for the last month," said Tolley.

He said about two inches of water came up from the river and into the lodge.

"They got a piece of equipment up here," said Tolley. "And basically breached the river and created another side of the river to come down through the middle of the property to relieve the pressure of the river on the bridge."

In all, Tolley estimates that the flood waters caused around $10,000 worth of damage to the property and what they had inside the lodge.

"Had clothes and shoes and things like that in there that got wet and moldy, so threw about five bags of stuff away yesterday," he said.

Lynn Berry lives just up the road from Tolley.

"River was about six feet higher than it is right now," said Berry. "Had to replace a bunch of plank on the bridge because it washed out."

Berry said he has been at his summer property three to four days a week for the past month.

"I've been hauling in loads of road base and loads of gravel and everything else trying to get everything taken care of," said Berry. "We got everything basically done now."

While Berry says things are getting back to normal for him, the work continues for others like Tolley.

"Electricity was turned on last Friday, so we need that to be able to do some of the clean up and see what kind of mess we've got on the inside as well as power vacuums and equipment we need to clean it up," said Tolley.

Tolley says he and his family are currently staying in Eden, but they are able to move back on the property while they work to restore The Ruby.