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Some Utah bars selling sealed beer in order to keep business alive

Posted at 6:36 PM, Dec 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-09 20:36:53-05

SALT LAKE CITY — Bar owners are coming up with creative ways to make up lost funds from the now extended public health order issued by the Governors office.

“[We are hopping this will be] off setting this for the business were losing from 10pm to 1 bracket… maybe this will help pay the payroll for the day” says Michael Repp from The Sun Trapp when talking about to go beer sales.

They are one of the few bars that is trying to do this in order to possibly recoup lost revenue by selling sealed, 'to-go' beer.

FOX13 reached out to the DABC to clarify who can and cannot sell beer to go under certain circumstances.

The exact statute reads “Beer sold in a sealed container by an on-premise beer retailer may be removed from the on-premise beer retailer premises in the sealed container.”

This means that it may be sold in the original sealed container.

“So, I could not pour a draft beer into a container with a lid and tape it shut. I just want to be sure that "sealed container" is no misinterpreted," says a DABC spokesperson.

Under that statue Bars, Taverns, and restaurants can all sell beer to go provided that
1) It is sealed in its original container and is opened off of the premises
2) It is 5% or under
3) and for restaurants the patron must have dined on the premises and finished their meals before they can buy to go beer.

“This is not new legislation this is been in code for a long long time” Says Dave Morris a multiple bar owner “there’s been times where I sold beer to go under 3.2% now its under 5% and people have turned a head and said what are you doing? Beer can’t leave the bar but actually it can.”

Bars are hoping the 'to-go' beers will help fulfill financial needs of employees and give them another push in business.