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Man arrested after South Ogden home security cameras catch him peeping into windows at night: Police

Posted at 9:11 PM, Mar 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-25 16:14:20-04

SOUTH OGDEN, Utah — A man has been arrested for allegedly looking into people's homes at night.

Concerning video from home security cameras had South Ogden Police searching for a creeper caught peering into people’s homes.

Officers received three reports over the last few days of a man coming on to people’s property and looking through their windows near 40th and Madision.

“It’s terrifying to think of because most of my house is filled with women,” said Abbigail Wykles.

Neighbors were on edge, saying it’s violating and invades privacy.

“I hope they catch the guy because you never know what they’ll take or what they’ll do,” said Albert Gooch.

“I’d like to think that I’d grab something to threaten him with or warn them away but the other part of me is just, ‘Leave the room and wait until he’s gone’,” said Wylkes.

Detective Jeremy Nelson said that over the weekend, two women went after the man with a baseball bat.

“I give her points for the courage to do that and confront somebody but at the same time you never know what kind of person this is,” said Nelson. “You never know if he has a firearm on him or some other sort of weapon.”

On Friday, South Ogden police announced that they had arrested Jose Antonio Rosado, 69. He faces two counts of voyeurism, two counts of trespassing and two counts of illegal parking.

South Ogden officers are also checking with the Ogden City Police Department to see if the man could be connected to past Ogden cases where a man was arrested for voyeurism.

“It’s best just to stay inside the home, call 911, let us respond and deal with somebody like this,” he said.