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Strangers come together to help Enoch heal

Posted at 9:44 PM, Jan 06, 2023

ENOCH, Utah — Daniel Sievert and his golden retriever Cooper are on a mission in Enoch.

“My heart leapt out, and I said, 'I have to go,'" said Sievert.

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The California resident has taken his service dog 150,000 miles around the country, bringing comfort to those who are suffering. The duo is now in Enoch helping comfort everyone working the tragedy.

“In the dark situation and tragedy that happened, I think Cooper was able to lift people's spirits, bring some light to few individuals, especially a few officers," said Sievert. “When I leave this city, I hope that people here will know that we care, that we can't do anything about what happened, can't make a change, but we can do something to bring hope, bring love and bring light.”

Enoch officers are dealing with a lot of emotions right now, said Chris Burbank, retired chief of the Salt Lake City Police Department.

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“'Could have we gotten here earlier? Was there something we should have seen, should have done? Did someone call? How can we stop this from occurring?,'" he said. "And then the fact that it involves children. These are the types of things that never leave you.”

Local businesses are stepping up to raise money for the Haight family’s funeral. A Cedar City welding company is raffling off a welder, an Enoch pet groomer is raffling off two grooms, and friends of the Iron County Sheriff are raffling off a pile of different items. All will donate all the money from tickets sold to the Haight family.