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Strong winds leave major damage across Cottonwood Heights

Cottonwood Heights damage
Posted at 1:15 PM, Oct 25, 2021

COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, Utah — Downed trees, ruined decorations, even parts of roofs stripped away were seen along parts of the Wasatch Front Monday morning.

The Cottonwood Heights neighborhood had some extensive damage. Also, major cleanup done by thoughtful neighbors.

“My kids were scared, came into our bedroom. Last night was probably the worst I’ve seen it in seven years so yeah, it’s definitely insane,” said Zach Doyle.

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Doyle, a resident in Cottonwood Heights, couldn’t believe his eyes Monday when he witnessed the damage from the wind firsthand.

His neighbor, who was on vacation at the time, had the entire portico fall. Pillars and bricks littered the front yard, and part of the roof was blown behind the house

Neighbors say no one was hurt.

It was the worst wind Zach Doyle has seen in his seven years living there.

Dane Smith, a few streets away, also shocked by the strong winds.

“It gets pretty windy here at the mouth of the canyon pretty often, but this is unusually windy. When we woke up, we had a couple of trees that had fallen, we started the phone tree,” said Dane Smith.

Dane says in the last few years they’ve had two or three storms with downed trees like this one which is why it didn’t take long for neighbors to bring out the pruning shears and chainsaws.

“This neighborhood is pretty tightknit, they just come out, they don’t need to be asked to help, they just come show up. It’s just kind of a classic situation of neighbors taking care of each other,” said Dane Smith.