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Taylorsville Italian restaurant is still open for business amid building construction

Posted at 9:30 PM, Sep 17, 2023

TAYLORSVILLE, Utah — A local Italian restaurant is asking for help as construction on the building they’re part of seems to be driving customers away.

Inside Siragusa’s Italian Cuisine, it’s hard to let any bite go to waste.

“Coming here, we always have a good time. They’re always great to us,” said customer Antonio Lobato.

The Taylorsville restaurant has been serving Sicilian and Chicago-inspired recipes for thirteen years.

“We do have that connection with the community and we can’t lose that,” said manager Ivette Gonzalez.

When you step outside the restaurant, the smells of pizza and parmesan disappear and are replaced by dust and plywood. New construction on the front of the building has proven to be a problem attracting new customers.

“I thought it was closed down. I remember when we pulled up I was like, ‘Oh, I don’t know if they’re open,’” said Lobato.

According to the restaurant, sales have dropped dramatically ever since construction began. Siragusa’s posted to their Facebook page, saying they’d hate to have to shut down.

“[Customers] have come in numbers, calling, making sure we’re OK, that we’re not going to close. We’re going to survive,” said Gonzalez.

In just the last few days, Gonzalez said they’ve already noticed a difference. They hope the community support will last until construction wraps up months from now.

“The outside of the building is not that great,” she said. “But when people come in and they see the décor, they feel the warmth, that’s what makes them come back.”