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Teens taking photos on tracks narrowly escape freight train in Morgan County

Posted at 9:17 PM, May 12, 2021

MOUNTAIN GREEN, Utah — A tragedy was narrowly avoided on train tracks in Morgan County.

First responders worry, next time they may not be so lucky.

The Mountain Green Fire Protection District says two teens were taking photos on Union Pacific train tracks, Tuesday evening around 7:00 PM.

The girls didn’t hear a freight train approaching.

“As soon as the engineer rounded the corner he started blowing his horn and bell as much as he could,” said Chief Brian Brendel of the Mountain Green Fire Protection District. “They started running. One of them tripped and rolled off the bridge, the other one ran faster and got off the bridge.”

Luckily, the girls managed to get off the bridge in time. Aside from being shaken up, they didn’t suffer serious injuries.

Chief Brandel says these incidents are all too common because people ignore signs that say, “No Trespassing.” Many times, they are on the tracks in search of a photo opportunity.

“We have had so many incidents here of people trespassing in crazy ways,” he said. “It’s stunning to me that people check their brain at the door and say, ‘I need a picture so bad I have to go on the Transcontinental Railroad tracks.’”

Brandel realizes the message is harsh and seems like tough love, but he hopes people hear the warning to stay off the tracks.

It’s a message that could save a life.

“I saw a bumper sticker yesterday that said, ‘I hope something really good happens to you today.’ Something really good happened to us last night.”

Union Pacific says anyone caught trespassing on their tracks can be cited.

Click here to learn more about Union Pacific's policy dealing with taking photos near tracks.