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The Story of Magna's Miracle Cove

Posted at 9:35 PM, Dec 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-08 23:35:55-05

MAGNA, Utah — A neighborhood known for its annual Christmas light display continues to attract scores of visitors.

“Miracle Cove” was built in the late 1990’s. Bob Lemon was one of the founding residents.

“We were all sitting around one day. The county wanted a name for the street,” Lemon said. “We kept looking in the phone book and everything was taken. One lady said, it would be a miracle if we ever get this done. That’s the name.”

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As the neighborhood was born, so was a holiday light display that just kept growing.

“That nativity over there was my original,” Lemon said as he pointed proudly to his lawn. “Every year you add something else and it just caught on with the whole street.”

Every house on the block is decked out with thousands of bright lights. Some flash, others are synced to holiday music.

“It’s never been a formal competition, but deep down it’s what I am I going to do to beat so-and-so this year,” Lemon said.

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The residents don’t take on this task every Christmas for fame or fortune. They do it for the enjoyment it brings to the community.

“Did you here that,” Lemon asked as a passerby yelled, ‘Merry Christmas.’ “That’s why. That’s why. It brings joy to the kids."

In a year like 2020, the joy and all those smiles are worth more than ever before.

“With all the junk that’s happened this year in 2020, we need a little love to close out the year,” Lemon said. “We definitely need the joy. This year’s been something else.”

Miracle Cove can be found HERE, just west of of the intersection of 7200 West and 3100 South.

The display is lit nightly through New Year’s Day.