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3 reportedly 'vicious' dogs caught after two people bit at Roy park

Posted at 8:05 AM, Jun 18, 2024

ROY, Utah — Roy Police said three dogs had to be captured after they reportedly bit two people at a park, attacked horses and tried to attack responding police officers.

On Monday just after 4 p.m., police received a report of three dogs being aggressive and trying to "get at" a child at Emma Russel Park, officials stated.

Officials told FOX 13 News that the involved dogs were a border collie mix, a lab mix and an Aussie lab mix.

Later, it was discovered that two people had received bites to the lower extremities that needed medical attention. Further information about the victims, including their ages and the severity of their injuries was not made available.

When officers arrived at the park, they found the three dogs in a pasture on the West side of the park "being aggressive and attacking horses," a release reads in part.

Officials stated that while trying to capture the dogs, the animals tried to attack responding officers twice.

Using a catch pole, officers were able to eventually safely capture one of the dogs.

While trying to contain the other two dogs inside the pasture, "one of the dogs again attempted to attack an officer who deployed a 'Bean Bag' round, hitting the attacking dog and stopping the attack," officials explained.

The dog that was shot with a bean bag was the Aussie lab mix, officials said.

The injured dog ran back to its home with officers trailing closely behind, which is how they identified the owner of all three dogs.

A resident of the home helped the officer find and contain the third "large dog."

Two of the dogs were taken to the Weber County Animal Shelter for the required 10-day quarantine, while the dog that was shot with a bean bag was taken to the animal hospital.

The two individuals who were bit were interviewed and photographed by investigators as the case remains active, officials stated.

"Our priority is the safety of the citizens of Roy City and their freedom to feel safe in public areas and parks," a release reads. "Dog owners do have a responsibility to ensure their dogs are properly controlled at all times and licensed with Roy City Animal Control."

While officials said dog owners are subject to criminal charges, officials did not disclose if charges would be filed in this case.

The two individuals who were bit were a man, 60, and a woman, 25.

“There's no indication to believe that there's anything other than just the dogs being out and maybe not being the most friendly to strangers,” said Roy City Police Public Information Officer Stuart Hackworth.

Alaynia Winter was surprised and upset to hear what happened.

“I have a three-year-old daughter, and I just hope that people would just have their dogs better trained for everyone's safety,” she said. “It's for the safety of your dog and for the safety of people around you.”

Winter said she feels like most of her neighbors are responsible with their pets.

“I think that's kind of just a one-off scary thing that unfortunately happened and hopefully doesn't happen again," she said.

Roy city code only allows residents to own two dogs, and Animal Control is investigating if the owners had their dogs licensed.