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Tracking the latest on Utah's wildfires

Wildfire Watch
Posted at 11:34 AM, Jun 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-22 09:50:17-04

SALT LAKE CITY — FOX 13 is tracking wildfires all across Utah. Here is the very latest on the status of the bigger fires in the state:

BENNION CREEK FIRE - Carbon County | 8,313 Acres, 64% Contained
(Updated: June 21, 9:45 a.m.)

Containment on the Bennion Creek Fire has increased to 64%, and acreage remains at 8,313. Much of the perimeter of the fire is showing as contained, with uncontained areas remaining on the southeast and northwest corners of the fire. Crews will continue to mop and secure uncontained areas of the fire’s edge. The entire fire line will be patrolled, isolated smokes inside the fire line may continue to be visible.

Bennion Ridge Road, Bear Ridge Road, Starvation Road, and Fish Creek Trail remain closed.


BEAR FIRE - Carbon County | 12,170 Acres, 93% Contained
(Updated: June 20, 9:15 a.m.)

Containment on the Bear Fire has now reached 93%, with acreage remaining at 12,170. Small areas of uncontained line remain on the southeast and southwest corners of the fire. Monday, fire line mop up and patrol will continue on the entire fire perimeter. Along Spring Canyon Road, crews will begin chipping operations as part of fire line suppression repair.


FLATT FIRE - Washington County | 14,379 Acres, 50% Contained
(Updated: June 21, 9:58 a.m.)

The Flatt Fire west of Enterprise, Utah has burned an estimated 14,379 acres and was 50% contained as of Monday.

The fire stayed in its current footprint despite a wind event Sunday, while containment on the north and east perimeter of the fire was achieved. On the south and west perimeter, fire crews used Type 1 and Type 3 helicopters to control pockets of heat from the fire perimeter inward to increase depth and secure fire lines.


MORGAN CANYON FIRE - Tooele County | 37 Acres, 0% Contained
(Updated: June 21, 9:27 a.m.)

The Morgan Canyon fire has now burned up to 157 acres and remains 0% contained as of Monday.

Fire activity increased greatly throughout Sunday, with wind gusts up to 25 mph in extremely dry vegetation. Overnight, crews observed the fire spotting up to 1.5 miles from the main fire until as late as 1 a.m. These conditions and fire behavior are unprecedented for this time of year at that high elevation, especially so late into the evening. The current drought conditions are causing both light and heavy fuels to be highly receptive to fire. Fire managers are exploring all alternatives to indirectly suppress this fire, as direct attack is not a viable option with the current conditions. Full suppression tactics continue to be utilized, due to the current extreme weather situation.


SEGO FIRE - Grand County | 50 Acres, 0% Contained
(Updated: June 21, 10:56 p.m.)

The Sego Fire was sparked Sunday afternoon by lightning. It is burning an estimated 50 acres around the southern end of Book Cliffs and the north end of Thompson Springs — a small town about 50 miles from the Colorado border.

On Monday, the Grand County Sheriff's Office announced that Thompson Springs Canyon Road and access to Sego Canyon are closed due to firefighting efforts. They also remind the public that flying drones in the area of a wildfire is illegal and can prevent aerial firefighting efforts.

Officials say it's burning in inaccessible terrain, and air firefighting resources are responding.


PACK CREEK FIRE - Grand County | 8,952 Acres, 62% Contained
(Updated: June 22, 7:50 a.m.)
The Pack Creek Fire near Moab is 62 percent contained, and estimated at 8,952 acres.

Firefighters on the Pack Creek Fire continue to make good progress on suppression efforts on the fire’s perimeter, containing 62% of the fire. Today crews will continue to secure lines where they can safely do so. Some areas of the fire are steep, rocky and inaccessible and will be monitored by both ground and air resources for an increase in activity. The fire remains moderately active in Geyser Pass and Haystack Mountain areas. Smoke was visible yesterday as weather conditions remain at critical levels and are expected to continue over the next two days with winds gusting up to 35 miles per hour today. A Red Flag Warning is in place today and a Fire Weather Watch is in place for Wednesday and Thursday.


MM17 FIRE - Juab County | 100 Acres, Unknown Containment
(Updated: June 19, 6:23 p.m.)

The MM17 Fire is estimated at 100 acres and is located between Yuba State Park and the town of Levan in Juab County, east of State Route 28.

Crews are working to contain the fire from the ground and the air.

Its cause is under investigation.