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Twin moose calves safely relocated following tragic death of mother

Posted at 1:11 PM, Sep 15, 2023

PARK CITY, Utah — After a mother moose was tragically killed in Park City recently, her twin calves found themselves in a dangerous situation.

The cow moose was hit and killed on Highway 224, officials with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources explained.

Without their mother, the twin calves stayed near the busy highway, which created a potentially deadly situation for themselves as well as motorists traveling through the area.

As the twins are old enough to survive without their mother, Utah DWR crews were able to locate, capture and relocate the pair to a safer area.

Video shows experts using tranquilizers to calm the twins before putting them into the back of a trailer together.

Once arrived at their new home, officials opened the trailer door and the twins ran away together.

Though the exact locations are never disclosed when animals are relocated for their own safety, officials said the twins are now in central Utah.