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Two sisters give birth in same hospital amid COVID-19 visitor restriction policy

Posted at 5:33 PM, Aug 06, 2020

AMERICAN FORK, Utah — COVID19 restrictions prevent families from being together at the hospital, but two sisters in American Fork were surprised to see each other after they both gave birth within a few days at the same hospital.

Emma Pyle was already in the hospital when her older sister, Amber Liddiard walked in.

“I was able to say hi to her and we rode the elevator up together,” said Pyle.

The two sisters shared a room while growing up.

Years later, they became pregnant around the same time.

“We had a combined baby shower together,” said Liddiard.

Though the sisters are six years apart, their babies were due within four days of each other.

“We didn’t plan on being pregnant together but it turned out,” said Pyle.

While at the hospital, Pyle and Liddiard were handed masks and encouraged to wear them whenever nurses were in the room—even during labor.

Liddiard was tested for COVID19 three days before her scheduled due date.

Pyle went into labor before her scheduled COVID19 test, so nurses put the swab up her nose right after Pyle was given the epidural.

“They said sometimes it causes bloody noses, so I was worried about having a bloody nose in the middle of labor,” said Pyle. “Luckily, that didn’t happen.”

Other family members were not allowed inside the hospital, so the sisters have shared time together with their two babies: Keslee, born August 2nd and Kohen, born August 5th.

“Sometimes she makes these cute little faces and smiles in her sleep,” said Pyle. “The best thing is to see her smile, still in spite of everything.”

Baby Keslee is in the NICU building her strength, but should be discharged in the next few days.

Liddiard and Baby Kohen should be discharged Friday morning.