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UHP trooper describes being hit on freeway

Posted at 9:17 PM, Jan 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-25 23:17:40-05

MURRAY, Utah — Every winter in Utah brings increased danger for Utah Highway Patrol troopers.

Sunday morning, a trooper’s car was hit while responding to an accident on the shoulder of Interstate 15 at North Temple in Salt Lake City.

Weather conditions were slick and icy.

Trooper Brandon Glines was inside his car, wearing a seatbelt and wasn’t seriously injured. He believes the driver who hit his car was traveling between 65-70 miles per hour -- much too fast for the winter conditions.

This accident is part of an alarming trend.

Since 2019, 47 troopers have been hit while responding to calls for service. Four of those accidents have occurred in the first few weeks of 2021.

“They aren’t surprised with this line of work, that us troopers will have one or two hits in our careers,” said Trooper Glines when asked how his family reacted to the news his car was hit.

With this winter far from complete, UHP is asking for cooperation from other drivers.

“This is a problem on our roadways, people not moving over,” Glines said. “If you see emergency vehicles with lights on ahead, slow down and move over a lane. Give us some room to work.”

The driver involved in this accident could face charges.