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This University of Utah man cave may leave your jaw dropped

Venezuelan native said he learned English by watching FOX 13 News every night
Posted at 8:26 AM, Sep 07, 2023

SALT LAKE CITY — A University of Utah superfan with a touching connection to FOX 13 news showed off his impressive man cave that may leave other Utes fans drooling.

Albert Gamboa is known for wearing a football hat at University of Utah games. He lives, eats and breathes Ute football and his home is a reflection of that passion.

The Ute paraphernalia starts in Gamboa's front yard with a flag, lawn decor and a bright red trailer parked out front.

But that's nothing when compared to the man cave, located in the basement of Gamboa's home.

"Welcome home," he said as he gave FOX 13 News a tour of the space.

It'll take you a moment to take the space in but when you do, all other man caves will pale in comparison.

The spot is the ideal spot for game viewing, with signed Ute memorabilia covering every surface including footballs, jerseys, flags, a pool table, hats, posters and anything you can think of.

When it's game time, walk over the turf that looks like an actual field and take a seat on a recliner to enjoy your view on three flat-screen TVs.

The University of Utah obsession doesn't end in the mancave, with the theme extending into the bathroom.

A red shower curtain and "on air" sign keep the Utes passion alive in every inch of the basement.

"We converted it like the media room. Like you are in the red," Gamboa laughed. "So you have like a microphone, headphone. You have the audio stuff in the wall like you are in the radio station, of course, it doesn't work."

It took Gamboa three months to complete the space. He said every spare moment of his time was dedicated to designing and building the space with some help from family.

What's the one thing missing in the cave?

"So far you haven't seen anything blue," Gamboa laughed. "I don't think you're going to find nothing blue here."

Viewing parties in the mancave are by invitation only and about 15-20 people at a time are hosted for game day.

"Not everybody can come," he said. "We try to keep it kinda, like a close group."

Even more fascinating, this Utah superfan didn't attend the school. He came to America years ago from Venezuela and fell in love with Utah and the Utes.

"I love it," Gamboa explained. "I just love the program. I think the University is amazing, recognized around the nation."

When Gamboa came to Utah, he faced the daunting task of learning English.

Luckily, he said his English teacher, FOX 13's Bob Evans, was on the news every night at 9 to slowly teach him the language.

"So you learned English by watching FOX 13 News?" Bob asked.

"Between you and Dick Nourse, my two teachers right there," Gamboa laughed. "Thanks for the classes, by the way."

"Well, when you told me that at the tailgate party, I was just flabbergasted," Bob said to Gamboa. "I didn't know, I had no idea that you, in particular, but anybody would be learning English by watching me and the rest of the FOX 13 News team. That's just.. astounding to me."

As the Utes begin another football season, they can be sure their top fan will be watching every game in style.