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Utah 7-year-old making, collecting handmade cards for deployed servicemembers

Posted at 8:51 PM, Feb 24, 2023

BRIGHAM CITY, Utah — A little girl is making a big impact — the second grader in Brigham City is trying to bring joy to the ones around her and around the world by making and collecting handmade cards.

Some of them have messages like, “thank you so much for protecting us,” and “dear friend, thank you for your service,” to be sent to deployed military members across the world.

It's the 7-year-old’s wish to give back to the men and women serving our country.

“Because I want to make sure that they are loved, and that one sound can reach a million people,” said Kloee Bingham. “They know that I’m always going to be their friend, and they know that if they’re not safe right now, I’ll always make sure they are safe."

“So she started off as wanting the goal to be 100 cards,” explained Kloee’s mom, Tiffanie. “But she has surpassed that by at least 3 or 4 times so far, and she’s not even done collecting yet.”

Tiffanie says they might get about 1,000 cards to be shipped to servicemembers.

In the past two weeks, Kloee and Tiffanie have been making cards and collecting them from schools across the Box Elder School District.

“It’s really awesome that our community is so willing to help one little 7-year-old who had this idea of sending a card to a deployed military member,” said Tiffanie. "It’s been really awesome to watch."

She and other kids have been writing notes, drawing pictures, and using their handprints to make pictures. Other people in the community who wanted to help have also made cards.

Kloee says she wants to make the person who gets a card happy.

“They know that we’re out there trying to be their friend," she said.

To continue her giving spirit, for her 8th birthday in April, Kloee is hosting a food drive to donate cans of food to the local pantry.

“For people that don’t really have money and are struggling,” explained the 7-year-old. “And I want to make sure when I can help, I should.”

“I feel excited for Kloee that she can see a little idea can spark something big, and she can really just go with it,” said Tiffanie.

Her mom hopes that acts like these don’t stop here.

“In the future, maybe someone else will do another one and kind of just keep it going,” said Tiffanie.

If you want to make cards too to help Kloee, you can reach out to her mom on Facebook here.