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Utah County authorities call off search for missing man

Posted at 8:53 PM, Jul 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-28 20:05:11-04

AMERICAN FORK CANYON, Utah — The Utah County Sheriff's Office has called off its search for a man missing for over two weeks.

Darren Przybyla has been missing since July 11 after telling family members he was going camping. Przybyla's car was found abandoned in American Fork Canyon above Tibble Fork Reservoir along Snake Creek Road.

The sheriff's office said Wednesday they called off the search after two days because, as Sgt. Spencer Cannon said, they "don’t believe our efforts are best served by continuing that part of the investigation."

Officials say Przybyla's need for a cane or a walker to get around means he would not have traveled very far in the canyon.

"In our search we covered areas that would be extremely difficult for a fully healthy person to reach, let alone a person who needs a walker to get around. We would never say never, and we’ve seen the unexpected, but we also have to look at what is most realistically likely," said Cannon.

The family assumed he was fine, until hikers found Przybyla's backpack with medication late last week. The forest service also discovered his abandoned car and campsite.

“It actually is quite concerning because we don’t know where he is and what he is going through,” Darren’s father Dan Przybyla.
On Tuesday, searchers found his car keys and cane.

“It’s not looking real positive right now. It is a little telling. Obviously, his physical limitations and the fact that he doesn’t have a vehicle to get around, different things like that, it is concerning,” said Dan.

Utah County Sheriff’s office says they’re looking into people Darren knew, places he went, even his financial records for any transactions.

Anyone with information on Przybyla is asked to call Central Utah Dispatch at (801) 794-3970 and ask to speak to a Utah County deputy.