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Utah debates whether to trick-or-treat on Sunday or Saturday

Posted at 6:32 PM, Oct 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-13 20:32:30-04

WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah — There's a growing debate online over trick-or-treating in Utah this year, as parents wonder when to bring their kids around the neighborhood because Halloween falls on a Sunday.

One local group is shedding light on which night could be the most popular.

Scrolling social media, the questions have been asked in local community groups and in people's statuses.

Trick-or-treating: Saturday, or Sunday?

The question has been met with anywhere from dozens to hundreds of comments, the answers torn.

Chris and Teresa Aguiar have seen the posts. They deck out their house on Hinton Court in West Valley City every year with a new theme. Called "Aguiar Asylum," this year is all about pirates with "Island of the Lost Souls."

Snarling skeletons and a fire-breathing dragon welcome in visitors, who enter if they dare.

Once they make it past a soul-seeking grim reaper and people-eating plant, kids will reap a delicious reward at the bottom of a candy shoot.

The Aguiars have spent 22 years building up their frightening fantasyland.

"I just started getting into it more and more," Chris explained. "It's a real expensive hobby, but the kids love it."

And they draw quite a crowd every year.

"With the school close by just down the street, we normally get about 400 trick or treaters," Teresa estimated.

But with Halloween on a Sunday this year, it's been unclear which day trick-or-treaters will trickle into Island of the Lost Souls.

Teresa said she's seen the question come up frequently on social media.

"I think it's a Utah thing," she said.

But the couple found a way to come to a consensus, both with their neighborhood and hundreds of other home-haunt enthusiasts around the state.

The couple said that Rocky Mountain Haunters, a network of over 400 people in Utah who post their decked-out homes on a map for people to come enjoy, have been discussing the topic.

"They've decided it's going to be Saturday," Teresa said. "We've just determined that I think that's going to be the biggest day for the kids to be out and about."

Okay! So, Saturday it is.

Though, to be clear, for anyone who journeys to Aguiar Asylum on actual Halloween Sunday-- Chris and Teresa will be ready to welcome those lost souls to their island.

"They might come out both," Chris said. "But, I'll be prepared for both days."

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