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Utah family has shipment of t-shirts in memory of late son stolen from porch

Posted at 9:53 PM, Sep 04, 2020

ROY, Utah — A Weber County family says a theft on Thursday reopens painful wounds after losing a 6-year-old son in July.

Doctors told Stockton’s family he’d be lucky to see his first birthday.

Tormented with health problems, he remained strong — "Stockton strong" — for six years.

“[He had] brain surgeries. He had a trach. He is septic. He was in the hospital a lot. He never gave up. His life was more than being sick,” said Cashlyn Perry, Stockton’s mom.

This summer, his health took a turn for the worst. On July 20, Stockton died.

“It’s been a nightmare. I keep waiting to wake up,” said Perry.

His grandma Sabrina Opheikens ordered t-shirts to remember him. The printing says “Stockton Strong Forever” with angel wings.

“When you lose a grandchild and you see your child lose a child, mourn their child, it’s hard,” said Opheikens.

The family planned to sell some shirts as a fundraiser pay for outstanding medical and funeral expenses. Four boxes were delivered Thursday.

“They were delivered at 10:09 and there were two left. One of them was opened,” said Perry.

The box with the shirts was gone. The family believes a person followed the mail carrier and swiped the box near the back porch.

“It broke my heart because you track them. I know to everyone else they’re T-shirts, but they’re the last little thing from him,” Opheikens said.

A neighbor’s camera caught passersby, but not the crime.

Nothing showed up in the neighborhood dumpsters.

The family is desperate to find the t-shirts memorializing the fighting spirit of their "warrior in heaven."

“He was the light of our lives,” said Opheikens.

If you see the t-shirts or know what happened, please contact Roy City Police.

A FOX 13 viewer has offered to replace the shirts for the family: