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Utah woman shares terrifying moment when metal rod crashed into windshield

Posted at 4:24 PM, Jul 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-14 13:06:04-04

SALT LAKE CITY — Annette Beaves was driving to work at noon Wednesday, like she does every day, when suddenly a piece of road debris came flying her way.

Officials said the incident happened near 2300 North on I-215 Wednesday.

“I saw this giant metal bar coming right at me," she said. "It was terrifying. It was going so fast. It didn't bounce off the ground. I only had like a second to react. It did a couple of flips, honestly was like a giant ninja star. It was terrifying.”

Immediately swerving to the side of the highway, Beaves sat in shock while she called 911, her ear dripping blood. Much of her windshield was shattered.

"I was covered in glass," she said. "My entire car was covered in glass. If I wasn't wearing glasses, it would have gone in my eyes.”

Photos show a long metal object pierced into the center of the windshield and glass shattered.

From washing machines to couches, Utah Highway Patrol is finding all kinds of road debris lately, said Trooper Cody Ohlau.

“Debris calls, I've definitely noticed more," he said. "And I'm not sure if there really are more, maybe it's just happening when I'm working.”

You can be fined just for having an unsecured load, Ohlau warned. On top of that, you can be held liable for damaging other people’s cars too.

“Make sure things are strapped down," said Ohlau. "Just a couple of weeks ago, I saw some people going up Redwood Road, and they had their arms out the window, and they're just holding a mattress on the top of their car, and that's not acceptable at all.”

Beaves was driving alone when the metal bar came crashing through her windshield; she didn’t even see where it came from, but she’s grateful in that moment she had her eyes on the road ahead of her and reacted fast.

“I could have died," said Beaves. "My life was in their hands.”

UHP is begging drivers to secure loads before hitting the roads and reminding drivers not to drive distracted, because being alert behind the wheel saved a life today.