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Utah holds Deaf Awareness Month festival

Posted at 9:29 PM, Sep 25, 2021

September is Deaf Awareness Month, so the Utah Department of Workforce Services held a festival Saturday to celebrate Utah's deaf community.

The event brought people from all corners of the community together. From businesses that cater to the deaf, families who communicate with sign language, and those just looking to learn, this gave everyone a chance to showcase what they are doing to empower everyone and showcased the services the state has for people who are deaf.

It was also a chance for some people to understand more about the deaf experience.

"Deaf and hard of hearing folks are diverse. We come from all kinds of backgrounds, and we have diverse needs as diverse as we are as a people, so I think what's most important is to approach each individual as an individual," Pamela Brower with the DWS said signed and was translated through an interpreter. "We are not a common cookie-cutter people. We don't bite. We have a lot to offer, to contribute, so that's what I would say to the general public: Give us a chance to be a part of your community as well."

More information can be found on the state's Services of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing website.