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Utah infant dies after getting tangled in window blind cords

Posted at 5:10 PM, Oct 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-01 23:58:18-04

UTAH COUNTY — A Utah family is grieving Friday after the loss of an infant who got tangled up in window blind cords.

Just 16 months old, Christopher Elkins was found unconscious in the cords on Wednesday. He passed away two days later.

The family is now hoping to share memories of Christopher, who they call the happiest baby ever.

"He went around with just joy in his heart," said Christopher's aunt, Elizabeth Sedgwick.

Christopher was the newest addition to his family, a baby full of love, but this story didn’t have a happy ending.

"Christopher, the baby, and his three-year-old sister were playing in the room with their dad," shared Sedgwick. "And he left the room to go switch laundry and while he was in the laundry room doing whatever he was doing in there, Opal, the three-year-old runs in and says, 'Daddy, Christopher's sleeping!'"

Fearing the worst, Christopher's father ran back into the room to find the boy unconscious and tangled up in the cord on their blinds.

After calling 911, crews arrived and worked on Christopher on the side of the road. The baby was sent to Utah Valley Hospital and then flown to Primary Children's Hospital.

But after two days of fighting, Christopher passed away Friday morning from his injuries.

This tragedy occurred just over a week after another Utah family was awarded $25 million in a lawsuit after their child died in a similar accident.

In a video, Christopher's brothers and sisters shared favorite memories of their little brother.

"Sometimes babies are always cranky, but he acts more like a puppy or a little kid."

"Playing outside … with him."

"When I toss a blanket on him and he tosses it back, and we keep doing that."

"Laying down next to him under a blanket and on a pillow, it's just the best feeling ever."

"I really love that he is always so inquisitive and figuring things out."

Christopher's mother, Jennifer Elkins, also shared her favorite memories of her son.

"He was just such a happy, happy boy," said Elkins. "I think that is the best thing about him, I think any other babies are as happy as him."

Talking with FOX 13, Sedgwick remembered the young boy who lit up the whole family.

"He would just go straight for my eyes and not break away the gaze with his beautiful blue eyes,"she said. "He would smile and laugh, and just looking at him in his eyes, he could burst out laughing."

As the family says goodbye, the life of baby Christopher will live on in the amazing memories he left with his family.

"They have a lot of support and we are a close family and they are dealing with it really well," added Sedgwick. "He brought a lot of joy to me … I loved him and I know he brought so much joy to his family. He was the happiest baby."

The family says Christopher's organs will be donated in order to help other little boys and girls in need.

Anyone looking to help the family can CLICK HERE.