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Utah man behind bars after several women accuse him of torturing them and their pets

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Posted at 1:04 PM, Aug 05, 2021

FARMINGTON, Utah — A man was arrested after allegedly abusing two women and killing or torturing several animals that belonged to them.

Caden Michael Biesinger, 20, was arrested Wednesday after one of the women told police that he killed four of her cats over a two month period in 2019. The woman said at least two of the animals had been thrown against a concrete floor, he broke a second cat's spine and a third was beaten to death with a mallet while it was trapped in a pillowcase, according to court documents.

The woman also accused Biesinger of torturing her dog. She described one incident when he beat the animal until the neighbors called police because of the dog's loud yelps. She described another time where he duct-taped all four of its paws together and choked it "as hard as he could."

Additionally, the woman told police, that she had experienced "severe physical abuse by Caden" including punches to the face. She also told police he beat her with a mallet and had threatened to stab her with a samurai sword when she confronted him about infidelity.

During their investigation, which started in July, a second woman told police Biesinger killed a neighbor's kitten by slamming its head against a rock and tortured another cat by "waterboarding him during baths," "slamming his head into the floor" and "locking him in a plastic box with cold water for hours."

The woman claimed she was also physically and sexually abused by Biesinger. He allegedly "kicked her in the stomach, punched her in the head about eight times, and then kicked her in the chest," according to court documents. She showed police several photographs documenting bruises and injuries she said she received from him.

A third woman told police about how Biesinger used a hatchet to decapitate a cat and then laughed as he played with the severed head, the court documents stated.

Police interviewed several people who attested that Biesinger had severe mental health issues, frequently had manic episodes and often threatened suicide.

Biesinger was charged with rape, two counts of aggravated assault, three counts of assault causing substantial bodily injury, assault, eight counts of torture of a companion animal and harassment.

Biesinger was being held without bond in the Davis County Jail.

If you or anyone you know is suffering at the hands of an abuser, reach out for help at the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition 1-800-897-5465.