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Utah mom & son duo come up with creative at-home workouts

Posted at 9:54 PM, Apr 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-14 01:48:58-04

DRAPER, Utah – As the Salt Lake County stay at home order continues, one family has found a new way to exercise, bond and have some fun -- no workout equipment needed!

Over the last couple of weeks, since the gyms closed, getting a workout in has taken some extra creativity.

“I got my own little backyard gym,” said Samuel Dalsasso as he walked around his family’s backyard. “Right here I have a set of bands.”

Samuel found some resistance bands in his mom’s basement and uses other household items to add weight and mimic different exercises.

“It’s honestly tough to think of workouts and stuff, I’m usually at the gym and know exactly what to do, how many sets, but when you’re at home it’s a whole new ball game, you just have to be really creative,” Samuel said.

At this point Samuel has tried just about everything he can think of to get a work out in… even his mother.

“I was honestly just trying to figure out something I could squat,” Samuel smiled.

“He’s just like, ‘Mom! I need you!’” said his mom, Samara West. “I’m thinking he thinks I’m fat!” she laughed.

In a backyard video you can see Samara hoisted over Samuel’s shoulders as he squats and she laughs uncontrollable.

“If you can’t get a good workout from it, at least you can get a good laugh from it and bond that way,” Samuel laughed.

The duo decided to go beyond squats, creating variations of lunges, bench press exercises, pushups, curls and then some – all of which feature Samuel using his mom as the weight.

“It’s about being closer to your family,” Samuel said. “You kind of don’t have a choice,” he laughed.

Of course, the exercises don’t always go as planned and every one in a while Samara gets dropped or they both come crashing down. Still, it’s bringing them together during a difficult time, one rep at a time.

“We’re connecting better than ever,” Samara said. “We’ve always been good friends but now it’s like we have more time to do things together, it’s really fun.”