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Utah named one of the best states for older Americans

High life expectancy, low poverty rate are factors
Posted at 9:02 AM, Feb 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-18 11:02:59-05

NEW YORK — Utah ranks as one of the best states in the country to live in for older Americans, according to to the financial website 24/

The survey created an index of measures related to income, health, education, and environment in order to identify the best and worst states for older Americans.

Utah came in at No. 6.

  • Life expectancy at age 65: 84.5 years (tied for 17th highest)
  • 65 and older poverty rate: 6.1% (tied for 3rd lowest)
  • 65 and older with a disability: 32.9% (19th lowest)
  • Median income for 65 and older households: $53,670 (7th highest)
  • Population 65 and older: 351,287 or 11% (lowest)

Utah does not rank quite as well as some of the other best states for older Americans in measures of individual health, but it ranks as one of the best in the education and income categories.

It is one of just four states where over 55 percent of 65 and older households have some form of retirement income like a pension or 401(k). That compared to a national share of 48.5 percent.

Also, just 6.1percent of Utah’s retirement-age population lives below the poverty level, the third smallest share of any state.

10 best states for older Americans:

  1. Colorado
  2. Maryland
  3. Hawaii
  4. New Hampshire
  5. Connecticut
  6. Utah
  7. Massachusetts
  8. Washington
  9. Vermont
  10. Virginia

10 worst states for Older Americans:

  1. West Virginia
  2. Arkansas
  3. Mississippi
  4. Louisiana
  5. Alabama
  6. Kentucky
  7. Tennessee
  8. Oklahoma
  9. Nevada
  10. Texas

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