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Utah State Legislature meets 'Off the Hill' in St. George

Posted at 5:29 PM, Sep 18, 2023

ST. GEORGE, Utah — For the first time, the Utah State Legislature is meeting "Off the Hill" for its interim session.

Lawmakers are meeting at Utah Tech University, holding hearings on issues and pending bills. While legislators have taken field trips across the state to visit communities and see issues up close, this is the first time the entire legislature has moved away from Capitol Hill.

"St. George is experiencing problems that we don’t really — we think we understand, we may not acutely," Senate President J. Stuart Adams told FOX 13 News. "Their water problems, the infrastructure problems, their transportation problems, all the problems they’re experiencing. It’s not only the fastest growing spots in Utah, it’s one of the fastest growing spots in the United States."

For southern Utah residents, it was a chance to engage with legislators without the long drive.

"It’s really interesting to have that acknowledgement that yes, more and more voters are concentrating in southern Utah," said Kane County Commissioner Celeste Meyeres. "We’re becoming more of a population base which means we’re becoming more of a voting base. We tend to really pay attention down here, be active, engaged and I think this is a smart move."

On Monday, committees heard discussions about small-scale nuclear technology, water needs, tax issues and rural film incentives. Rep. Joseph Elison, R-Hurricane, said it was good to see his colleagues in St. George.

"From our perspective, Washington County, our population’s big enough we can’t be ignored," he said.