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Utah's governor signs 172 bills into law

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Posted at 8:54 PM, Mar 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-16 23:43:51-04

SALT LAKE CITY — Governor Spencer Cox signed a big batch of bills into law on Tuesday night, including a series of sweeping police reforms and a bill to change the name of Dixie State University.

The governor signed 172 bills into law. They include:

  • The bill that starts a public process to change the name Dixie State University after increasing pressure to change the name of the St. George-based university over its associations with the Civil War Confederacy.
  • Bills that require more reporting of police use of force and additional training for officers following last year's Black Lives Matter demonstrations. The governor also signed a bill to increase penalties associated with rioting.
  • A bill to expand data privacy following the controversy surrounding the artificial intelligence company Banjo and one that criminalizes "catfishing."
  • A bill that bans the release of jailhouse booking mugshots that news media (including FOX 13) opposed.
  • A bill that prohibits protests outside people's personal homes following anti-mask demonstrations outside the homes of Utah Department of Health officials and then-Gov. Herbert.
  • Legislation that increases Utah's negotiation efforts for Colorado River water.
  • A bill to create a process to change the names of landmarks deemed offensive to Native Americans.
  • A bill to design a new state flag for Utah.
  • The creation of the new Utahraptor State Park outside Moab.

You can see the full list of bills here:

HB 14_Water Conservancy District Amendments. Handy, S.
HB 16_Veterans and Military Affairs Commission Amendments. Ray, P.
HB 20_Driving Under the Influence Sentencing Amendments. Eliason, S.
HB 23_Voter Referendum Amendments. Nelson, M.
HB 24_State Engineer Electronic Communications. Ferry, J.
HB 25_Mental Health Protections for First Responders. Kwan, K.
HB 26_24-7 Sobriety Program Expansion. Pitcher, S.
HB 27_Public Information Website Modifications. Pierucci, C.
HB 33_Community Correctional Center Amendments. Musselman, C.
HB 38_School Technology Amendments. Seegmiller, T.
HB 45_Radon Study. Stratton, K.
HB 47_DUI Revisions. Eliason, S.
HB 51_National Guard Amendments. Peterson, V.
HB 52_Point of the Mountain Development Commission Act Modifications. Snow, V.
HB 55_Marriage Commission Amendments. Ballard, M.
HB 56_Intergenerational Poverty Mitigation Act Amendments. Winder, M.
HB 57_Armed Forces Amendments. Burton, J.
HB 58_Riot Amendments. Wilcox, R.
HB 59_Intimate Image Distribution Prohibition Revisions. Stoddard, A.
HB 62_Post Certification Amendments. Stoddard, A.
HB 65_Wildland Fire Amendments. Snider, C.
HB 68_Rental Expenses Disclosure Requirements. Judkins, M.
HB 69_Traffic Code Amendments. Musselman, C.
HB 70_Ballot Tracking Amendments. Johnson, Dan.
HB 75_Municipal Alternative Voting Methods Pilot Project Amendments. Stenquist, J.
HB 82_Single-family Housing Modifications. Ward, R.
HB 84_Use of Force Reporting Requirements. Romero, A.
HB 85_Controlled Substance Database Access Amendments. Hall, C.
HB 93_Youth Suicide Prevention Programs Amendments. King, B.
HB 96_Emergency Management Amendments. Harrison, S.
HB 101_Prohibited Persons Amendments. Stoddard, A.
HB 102_Contraception for Inmates. Dailey-Provost, J.
HB 109_Wildlife Amendments. Lyman, P.
HB 111_Off-highway Vehicle Amendments. Albrecht, C.
HB 113_Shared Medical Costs. Brammer, B.
HB 115_Municipal Boundary Modifications. Waldrip, S.
HB 116_Student Attendance Amendments. Robertson. A.
HB 124_Civics Education Amendments. Johnson, D.
HB 126_Licensing Amendments. Brammer, B.
HB 131_State Facility Energy Efficiency Amendments. Handy, S.
HB 135_Congregate Care Program Amendments. Judkins, M
HB 137_Intrastate Commercial Vehicle Amendments. Christofferson, K.
HB 142_Cyclist Traffic Amendments. Moss, C.
HB 143_Driver License Suspension Amendments. Maloy, C.
HB 151_State Infrastructure Bank Amendments. Brammer, B.
HB 155_Civil Commitment Amendments. Abbott, N.
HB 156_National Guard Pay and Benefits Amendments. Burton, J.
HB 158_Juvenile Interrogation Amendments. Judkins, M
HB 159_Higher Education Speech. Teuscher, J.
HB 163_Agricultural Advisory Board Amendments. Snider, C.
HB 178_Pharmacy Practice Modifications. Thurston, N.
HB 179_Private Cause of Action for Undisclosed Referral Fees. Abbot, N.
HB 181_Personalized Competency-based Learning. Johnson, D.
HB 182_Educator Hearings Amendments. Hall, C
HB 185_Laboratory Equipment Amendments. Lund, S.
HB 186_Criminal Nonsupport Amendments. Stratton, K
HB 188_State Stone Designation. Watkins, C.
HB 192_Fertility Treatment Amendments. Ward, R.
HB 193_Intimate Image Distribution Prohibition. Kwan, K.
HB 195_Vehicle, Boat, and Trailer Registration Amendments. Robertson, A.
HB 196_Ballot Amendments. Nelson, M.
HB 200_Firearm Safe Harbor Amendments. Maloy, A.
HB 202_Health Care Consumer Protection Act. Thurston, N.
HB 208_Water Quality Act Amendments. Ray, P.
HB 211_Initiatives and Referenda Amendments. Thurston, N.
HB 216_Firearms Amendments. Lisonbee, K.
HB 219_Inmate Phone Provider Amendments. Acton, C.
HB 221_Property Tax Records. Ferry, J.
HB 222_School Land Trust Program Amendments. Moss, J.
HB 225_Administrative Garnishment Order Amendments. Miles, K.
HB 226_Long-term Care Patient and Consumer Rights Protection. Ballard, M.
HB 227_Self Defense Amendments. Lisonbee, K.
HB 228_Jail Photo Distribution Prohibition. Stratton, K.
HB 236_Waste Tire Recycling Amendments. Handy, S.
HB 237_Lethal Force Amendments. Dailey-Provost, J.
HB 238_Marriage Amendments. Hall, C.
HB 239_Online Impersonation Prohibition. Lisonbee, K.
HB 241_Utah Seeds Amendments. Lund, S.
HB 242_Ticket Reseller Amendments. Snow, L.
HB 243_Privacy Protection Amendments. Gibson, F.
HB 248_Mental Health Support Program for First Responders. Kwan, K.
HB 249_Public Access to Court Records. Handy, S.
HB 252_State Pay Plan Amendments. Wilcox, R.
HB 255_Protective Order Revisions. Snow, V.
HB 256_County Land Use and Development Amendments. Teuscher, J.
HB 257_Utah State Park Amendments. Eliason, S.
HB0259_Lead Exposure Education and Testing Amendments. Barlow, S.
HB 261_Geographic Reference Center Amendments. Brooks, W.
HB 262_Children's Health Insurance Amendments. Welton, D.
HB 264_Law Enforcement Weapons Use Amendments. Romero, A.
HB 265_Pharmacy Software Amendments. Lesser, R
HB 267_Voluntary Lethal Means Restrictions Amendments. Eliason, S.
HB 276_Notary Public Amendments. Nelson, M.
HB 277_Child Care Eligibility Amendments. Matthews, A.
HB 278_Name Change Process for Dixie State University. Miles, K.
HB 282_Right of Survivorship Amendments. Miles, K.
HB 288_Education and Mental Health Coordinating Council. Peterson, V.
HB 289_Victim Services Amendments. Lisonbee, K.
HB 290_Probation and Parole Amendments. Stratton, K.
HB 291_Residential Picketing Prohibition. Wilcox, R.
HB 292_Children's Health Insurance Plan Amendments. Dunnigan, J.
HB 293_Open Meeting Minutes Amendments. Petersen, M.
HB 295_Wildlife Modifications. Snider, C.
HB 296_Soil Health Amendments. Ferry, J.
HB 297_Colorado River Amendments. Wilson, B.
HB 301_Domestic Violence Training Amendments. Pierucci, C
HB 305_Quality Growth Act. Ferry, J.
HB 308_Covid-19 Vaccine Amendments. Spendlove, R.
HB 312_State Residency Amendments. Teuscher, J.
HB 313_Heritage and Arts Amendments. Winder, M.
HB 314_Motorboat Agreements Act. Gibson, F.
HB 316_Common Law Marriage Amendments. Teuscher, J.
HB 318_Higher Education Amendments. Ballard, M.
HB 319_Emergency Volunteer Health Practitioners Act Amendments. Ward, R.
SB 10_Place Name Amendments. Iwamoto, J.
SB 12_Reauthorization of Administrative Rules. Anderegg, J.
SB 14_Driver License and State Identification Card Amendments. Harper, W.
SB 15_Workforce Solutions for Air Quality Amendments. McCay, D.
SB 16_Utah Retirement Systems Amendments. Harper, W.
SB 17_Criminal Code Evaluation Task Force Extension. Mayne, K.
SB 19_Expanded Infertility Treatment Coverage Pilot Program Amendments. Escamilla, L.
SB 30_Utah Commission on Aging Amendments. Iwamoto, J.
SB 31_Condominium and Community Association Regulation Amendments. Bramble, C.
SB 32_Employee Status Amendments. Bramble, C.
SB 33_Uniform Building Code Commission Amendments. Bramble,C.
SB 34_Governmental Use of Facial Recognition Technology. Thatcher, D.
SB 38_K-9 Policy Requirements. Thatcher, D.
SB 40_Storage Tanks Amendments. Hinkins, D.
SB 45_Higher Education Classes for Veterans. Weiler, T.
SB 47_Mental Health Crisis Intervention Council. Thatcher, D.
SB 48_State Flag Amendments. McCay, D.
SB 50_Juvenile Offender Penalty Amendments. Thatcher, D.
SB 51_Group Gang Enhancement Amendments. Thatcher, D.
SB 53_Behavioral Emergency Services Amendments. Thatcher, D.
SB 57_Executive Residence Commission Amendments. Wilson, C.
SB 58_Metro Township Amendments. Mayne, K.
SB 60_Accident Reports Amendments. Bramble, C.
SB 63_Caregiver Compensation Amendments. Harper, W.
SB 64_Domestic Violence Amendments. Iwamoto, J.
SB 65_Community Reinvestment Agency Amendments. Harper, W.
SB 68_Law Enforcement Weapons Amendments. Buxton, D.
SB 69_Accident Report Amendments. Weiler, T.
SB 72_Open and Public Meetings Amendments. Fillmore, L.
SB 75_Community Association Fund Amendments. Fillmore, L.
SB 77_Kiwanis Special Group License Plate. McKell, M.
SB 78_Motor Vehicle Repair Amendments. Bramble, C.
SB 79_Insurance Policy Notification Amendments. Harper, W.
SB 82_Road Usage Charge Program Special Revenue Fund. Harper, W.
SB 83_POLST Order Amendments, Iwamoto, J.
SB 84_Indigent Defense Transcripts Amendments. Weiler, T.
SB 85_Disinheritance Following Crimes Against Vulnerable Adults. Weiler, T.
SB 86_Amendments to the Price Controls During Emergencies Act. Fillmore, L.
SB 87_Professional Licensing Amendments. Bramble, C.
SB 90_Parental Defense Amendments. Harper, W.
SB 96_Legislative Water Development Commission Amendments. Iwamoto, J.
SB 98_Asset Forfeiture Amendments. Weiler, T.
SB 99_Child Welfare Amendments, Harper, W.
SB 101_Motor Vehicle Amendments. Harper, W.
SB 102_Peace Officer Training Qualifications Amendment, Mayne, K.
SB 103_Dental Hygienist Amendments. Weiler T.
SB 105_Indigent Defense Commission Amendments. Weiler, T.
SB 108_Penalty Enhancement Amendments, Weiler T.
SB 109_Emergency Services Amendments. Harper, W.
SB 110_Tax Commission Appeal Amendments. Fillmore, L.
SB 113_Transportation Amendments. Harper, W.
SB 114_Animal Chiropractic Amendments. Sandall, S.
SB 117_Human Smuggling Amendments. Escamilla, L.
SB 125_Open and Public Meetings Act Amendments. Buxton, D.
SB 126_Sentencing Commission Requirements. Thatcher, D.
SB 130_Regulation of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations. Sandall, S.
SB 135_Motor Vehicle Insurance Amendment. Mckell, M.
SB 139_Utah State Correctional Facility Operational Amendment. Owens, D.