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Vice President Kamala Harris visits Utah for fundraiser following presidential debate

Posted at 9:20 PM, Jun 28, 2024

PARK CITY, Utah — The day after Thursday's discouraging presidential debate, Vice President Kamala Harris visited Utah Friday afternoon to fundraise for the Biden campaign.

The vice president attended a private event in the same neighborhood President Joe Biden visited back in August.

Media were not allowed to record or take pictures.

Harris shared words of encouragement to donors and voters, and also shared her reaction to Thursday's debate.

"The president said that this was not his finest moment in terms of the debate," she told the room. "He is a great and intelligent, profound thinker. He had a slow start, but a good finish."

FOX 13 News stopped by Park City after the event to ask locals and visitors what they took away from the debate.

"You had one man who is articulate who can actually have a conversation, you have another man who can't even string two sentences together," said Chad Dupill.

"I think [Biden's] done a good job, but what people are going to vote on is not based on the details of what he's done, it's based on how he looked last night. He didn't look good," said Steve Coleman.

"The rules of the debate did not allow reporters to fact check. I think if the reporters had been allowed to fact check, then both candidates would have failed miserably," said Ron Kammer.

"Some people woke up thinking about starving women and children and some people were more concerned with golf scores," said Kathryn Reichartinger.