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'Visit Ogden' joins partner to protect wild places

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Posted at 12:58 PM, Jun 09, 2021

Visit Ogden is partnering with Pledge for the Wild to join mountain towns around the country that are committed to "responsible tourism" to protect wild places.

As part of this effort, Visit Ogden will launch an outreach campaign titled Wild4Ogden, which will share tips on how to be a responsible tourist, such as contributing to the local economy, leaving no trace in wild areas, and using transportation options that minimize pollution.

“We are excited to have Ogden join this notable group of mountain towns supporting responsible tourism in wild places, per the Pledge for the Wild mantra. We know how special our wild spaces are and want to provide resources to support the protection and maintenance of them for future generations to continue to enjoy,” said Sara Toliver, president/CEO of Visit Ogden.

Pledge for the Wild and Wild 4 Ogden will create a direct channel to give back locally to the Trails Foundation of Northern Utah, an organization dedicated to protecting outdoor resources in Weber County.

To pledge for the wild, the groups recommend that after enjoying a hike, bike ride, or kayaking adventure, tourists text the phrase WILD4OGDEN to 44321 and make a donation (a suggested amount is one dollar for every mile or hour spent in wild places).

In addition to donations, people wishing to preserve wild places in Weber County can purchase vintage posters through Visit Ogden's website, in addition to receiving information about other recreation efforts.