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Volunteers put up more than 14,000 Biden/Harris signs, hundreds stolen

Posted at 5:45 PM, Oct 07, 2020

WANSHIP, Utah — The goal was to get 10 thousand Biden/Harris signs out across Utah, a volunteer for Biden/Harris for Utah said. The group ended up getting 14 thousand out.

Karen Mecham purchased several signs to put on her property.

“It all began when I felt like we needed a little more diversity in our point of view,” she said.

The signs went up a few months ago, and at first the signs stayed up.

“Every once and a while I would come by taking my dog to the park and they’d be down and they’d just throw them around and so I would climb the hill and put them back up,” Mecham said.

The last few weeks things have escalated, Mecham said.

“I thought it was on my property and if anyone was feeling a little negative about the signs they wouldn’t climb the hill to take them down, I underestimated them,” she said.

Last weekend, things got scary and Mecham called police.

“This past week, a car or truck I think it was, with a bullhorn, drove by and yelled some obscenities up the hill at us,” she said.

So far, about a dozen of Mecham’s signs have been stolen. It’s not about the signs, it’s about allowing everyone to have their own opinion. America is a two-party system, we get to vote, we should be able to show support, she said.

“This is America, I have a first Amendment right, freedom of speech, to put signs on my own land,” she said.

Mecham is a registered independent and also has a sign up for a local Republican candidate. I vote for the person, she said. Biden/Harris for Utah is replacing all stolen signs for free.