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Washington County School District blames Tik Tok challenge for broken bus windshield

Posted at 8:11 PM, Oct 07, 2021

ST. GEORGE, Utah — Parents and officials in the Washington County School District are concerned after a bus windshield was badly damaged as part of what could be a Tik Tok challenge.

The bus windshield was broken in St. George after a soda bottle was thrown at it from a car heading the opposite direction.

"Out of nowhere a bottle came flying at him… a soda bottle that’s horrifying to think that that could happen to a school bus much less anybody.," said Steven Dunham, Director of Communications for Washington County School District.

At the time, the bus was just a few blocks away from picking up some kindergartners. Luckily, there were no kids on the bus when the incident happened.

"That’s horrifying to think that that could happen to a school bus much less anybody," Dunham reflected.

Dunham thinks the vandalism was related to Tik Tok challenges that have prompted some students to vandalize schools and even steal school property.

"We have had children doing all kinds of things in our schools for the month of September for this Tik Tok challenge," Dunham said. "Because someone on the internet has said something and they have been causing damages on our busses, in our schools, everywhere."

District officials are asking parents to talk to children about the consequences of vandalizing school property.

"Parents please talk to your Children about the consequences of this - this could have killed somebody - this could have easily killed somebody," Dunham said.

The school district and police are looking for tips into this incident. Call police if you have information.