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Video shows intense rescue of hikers stuck for over 24 hours in Zion National Park

Posted at 12:45 PM, Jan 26, 2023

SPRINGDALE, Utah — Intense rescue video shows the moments leading up to when a pair of overdue hikers who had been stranded for more than 24 hours in Zion National Park were located and lifted to safety.

On Saturday, Zion officials got word of the hikers who left the day before to hike the Subway route from the top-down and had not returned from their journey.

Using the Utah Department of Safety helicopter and Forward-Looking Infrared tools, rescuers were able to locate the hikers.

Video from the helicopter shows one of the hikers jumping up and down waving their arms, trying to signal for help while the other hiker was sitting against a rock.

A specialist was dropped into the area, who helped the hikers get to an area where they could be hoisted out with a helicopter.

The specialist had a camera on his helmet and the hikers are seen in the video wading through water to get to the rescuer.

Then, video from the crew in the helicopter shows the two hikers being hoisted out of the area one at a time.

Officials say one hiker was "dangerously hypothermic" and was taken to the hospital, where they are now in stable condition.

In total, the hikers spent more than 24 hours stranded in freezing cold temperatures in the park.

The DPS helicopter is not always available because of weather conditions or other reasons, so officials say it was a great advantage to have the chopper and crew ready to help out.

They also warned recreators to be prepared for a variety of conditions in Zion National Park, as weather can change very suddenly.