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Where and when to see the best displays fall foliage in Utah

Posted at 8:56 AM, Sep 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-17 11:19:36-04

Signs of autumn have started to arrive - with shades of yellow, red and brown peeking through the green leaves of trees in northern Utah.

The annual sight of fall colors attracts thousands of people, locals and out-of-towners alike, to Utah's mountain areas.


To help travelers find the best times to check out breathtaking fall landscapes across the country, tourism site Smoky Mountains has released its ninth annual interactive fall foliage prediction map.

The map provides, county-by-county and week-by-week predictions, showing when different parts of the country will approach peak autumn colors.

“Similar to any meteorological forecast, leaf predictions will never be 100 percent accurate,” says Smoky Mountains co-founder David Angotti in a statement quoted by Smithsonian Magazine. “However, after publishing our predictive fall foliage map for nearly a decade, we are quite confident in our data sources, process and algorithm."

sept27 web.png

According to the map, fall colors will start to peak in Utah in the northeastern part of the state around September 20-25.

oct4 web.png

Colors will start to peak across the rest of Utah between September 27 and October 4.

oct18 web.png

By October 18 it's predicted most of Utah will be past peak colors.