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Why a Utah principal spent the night on his school's roof

Posted at 10:12 AM, Sep 19, 2023

SANDY, Utah — With the splendor of Utah's outdoors, pitching a tent on the roof of a school building may not be your first choice to spend the night "in nature."

But the principal of Park Lane Elementary in Sandy did just that to reward his students for their fundraising efforts.

Students worked hard over the last two weeks to collect money in order to fund school programs like spelling bees, reading wars, STEM night, school choir, field trips and more.

Besides raising money for programs that the students know and love, Principal Jeffery sweetened the deal, promising to sleep on the roof if they hit their goal of $17,000.

With their reward in mind, students got to work, selling drawings, creating videos online, mowing lawns and even singing to neighbors to raise money.

Along the way, students earned other rewards to keep their motivation high including crazy sock day, popsicles and a hallway balloon run for the entire school.

Thanks to the hard work of so many, the $17,000 fundraising goal was smashed, with students earning $20,000 for the school.

Principal Jeffery remembered his promise to sacrifice the luxuries of home for one night and pitched his tent on the roof of the elementary school.

He said he had a "pretty good" night on the roof and even brought a bucket of candy to rain down on students as they showed up for school on Tuesday morning.

"I'm so proud, y'all did so good," Principal Jeffery said.

This isn't the first time the principal has rewarded his students for their efforts with some unique challenges.

He's also kissed an alligator and even took a skydiving excursion to celebrate successes for the school.

Students agree their principal is unlike any other, saying he's "awesome."