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Winter storm keeps auto shops busy; What to know before you go

Posted at 9:44 PM, Dec 10, 2021

LAYTON, Utah — The recent winter storm kept workers busy at auto shops across much of northern Utah.

Jordan Willie at the Crazy Color Auto Body and Paint shop in Layton has worked on cars for as long as he can remember.

Willie grew up in Utah, so he knows their busy season is when the snow flies.

"Snow is good for the business but bad for the customers," said Willie. "Accidents are never good for anybody."

In the middle of working on beautiful paint jobs, Willie is fixing up some pretty crunched metal. He’s had five new cars come in the past two days due to crashes in the storm.

“A lot of people are driving too fast or are on their phones,” he said. “They slide off the roads or overpasses.”

Yet, it’s not just fixing up cars that keep Willie busy.

There’s been a lot of waiting around for the right parts to arrive during a supply chain shortage caused by the pandemic.

Willie said they’ve had to rely on out-of-state providers, which slows down the process — especially on days like Thursday and Friday.

“I-80 and I-70 were shut down, so we didn’t get parts from Denver,” he said.

Even if they can’t fix cars right away, Willie said it’s good to get the paperwork started on processing insurance claims.