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Playing favorites? Hospital boards, donors get COVID shots

Virus Outbreak Preferential Treatment
Posted at 11:31 PM, Jan 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-31 01:33:22-05

Some hospitals around the U.S. are facing complaints about favoritism and line-jumping after their board members and donors received COVID-19 vaccinations or offers for the prized inoculations.

In Rhode Island, Attorney General Peter Neronha opened an inquiry after reports that two hospital systems offered their board members vaccinations.

A Seattle-area hospital system was rebuked by Washington Gov. Jay Inslee after it offered COVID-19 vaccination appointments to major donors.

Hospitals in Kansas, Florida and New Jersey also are facing questions.

The disclosures could threaten public confidence in a national rollout already marked by vaccine shortages, appointment logjams and inconsistent standards state to state.