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Police: Father kills daughter's boyfriend for allegedly selling her into sex trafficking

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Posted at 11:39 AM, Nov 02, 2021

SPOKANE, Washington — A father is accused of killing his daughter’s boyfriend, believing he sold her into a sex trafficking ring in Washington state.

It all started when in October 2020 when 60-year-old John Eisenman learned that his underage daughter’s boyfriend had allegedly sold her into a sex trafficking organization in Seattle.

Police said, Eisenman was able to rescue and return his daughter to Spokane the same month.

Police believe that in November 2020, Eisenman learned that his daughter's boyfriend, 19-year-old Aaron Sorensen, had allegedly sold her into the sex trafficking ring and wanted revenge.

After a confrontation, Police say Eisenman allegedly abducted Sorensen, tied him up and put him in the trunk of a vehicle.

Police said Eisenman then hit Sorensen in the head with a cinder block and stabbed him repeatedly in the stomach until he was dead.

“After the homicide, Eisenman drove the vehicle to a remote area in North Spokane County and abandoned the car with the body still inside. The vehicle remained at that location until it was moved in October 2021 by a 3rd-party and driven to Spokane," a police statement said.

"At this point, it is not believed the 3rd-party knew the body was in the trunk. The vehicle, with the body still in the trunk, was abandoned at the Everett [Ave.] location. While parked on Everett, individuals were rummaging through the car and taking items when they made the gruesome discovery."

Eisenman has been arrested on a first-degree murder charge.