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Substitute teacher asked to leave school after bringing karaoke machine to class, belting out Britney Spears 'Toxic'

Posted at 6:38 AM, Dec 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-08 08:49:45-05

AUSTIN, Texas — After bringing a karaoke machine to class and singing the Britney Spears song "Toxic," a substitute teacher at a Texas high school was asked to leave.

It happened on December 3 at Bowie High School in Austin.

According to Fox News, the substitute arrived at Bowie HS without an ID and was given a temporary one. The substitute walked to his class after acquiring the ID and began singing with the karaoke equipment he had brought with him.

The principal spoke with the substitute and asked him to leave.

A substitute teacher in Texas was suspended after he spent class time belting out Toxic by Britney Spears on a karaoke machine he brought in.

The AISD spokesperson claims that after the event, the sub posted on social media claiming he had been ejected from Bowie, and that later in the day, he shared a second photo reportedly from another classroom at a different high school.

"It does not appear he was in a classroom at Austin High and had not picked up another sub assignment with that campus. He did show up at the campus and was discussing with the sub coordinator about filling a vacancy, but was prevented from doing so and was escorted off the campus," the spokesperson said.

According to an AISD spokesman, other kids began to claim that the substitute was a trespasser who needed to be arrested and removed from Bowie. According to the spokeswoman, the sub failed to properly introduce himself to the first class. The substitute was in the district's system and had passed background checks, according to the spokeswoman.

"The substitute was deactivated in our substitute pool," an AISD representative says, "so it's safe to assume he won't be subbing again in Austin ISD." After additional investigation, the spokesperson discovered that the substitute had a social media page that claims he is trying to substitute in all 50 states, sing and amuse pupils while subbing, and chronicle his experience.