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Doctors warn of 'skull breaker' video trend on Tik Tok

Posted at 1:13 PM, Feb 24, 2020

One of the latest online trends could have serious ramifications.

The “skull breaker” video trend is making its rounds on social media platforms, like Tik Tok.

It involves two people fooling a third to jump in the air before they kick their legs out from under them. In most cases, the unsuspecting third person falls backwards. In some cases, they hit their head.

While the “skull breaker” is often done as a joke by people looking for likes, doctors are warning how dangerous it can be.

Dr. Richard Lebow with Medstar Union Memorial Hospital told WJT-TV that injuries can range from a simple bruise or brain bleeding that can lead to death.

Dr. Mike Patrick at Nationwide Children’s Hospital told the Today Show that victims could also suffer various broken bones, depending on how they fall. He suspects a lot of victims would put their arms out to stop their falls, which could cause them to fracture their wrists or forearms.

“The injuries can stem from a severe concussion, a skull fracture, a neck fracture… which could result in paralysis,” said Dr. Lebow. “Plenty of wrist fractures from trying to break your fall. Literally, if you bleed inside your brain, it could result in death.”

Families around the country are dealing with the consequences of the trend. That includes the Shrenker family in New Jersey, who told WJT-TV that it sent their 13-year-old to the hospital with a concussion.

Along with potential injuries, the public is also advised to avoid the “skull breaker” due to legal reasons. Posting videos of the trend could be used as evidence.

In Florida, two Seabreeze High School students who participated in the trend are facing criminal charges, the Dayton Beach News Journal reports. Police told the Today Show that the students are facing misdemeanor charges of battery and cyber bulling after tricking a third student.