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How is the world searching for love ahead of Valentine's Day

Smart Spending Valentine Roses
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What is love? A lot of people want the answer ahead of Valentine's Day.

It's the top searched question related to the holiday, according to Google Trends.

Valentine's Day isn't just something in American culture. It's celebrated around the world. In fact, searches for Valentine's Day were highest in Nepal and India, according to Google Trends. The U.S. is third on the list, followed by Japan and the U.K.

The National Retail Federation found that the Americans plan to spend an average of $192 on Valentine's Day gifts.

The top gifts include greeting cards, flower and candy. Flowers appear to be the overwhelmingly popular choice across the country, according Google Trends.

Valentine's Day isn't just about having a significant other. The idea of "Galentine's Day" has picked up steam over the past few years. It's celebrated on Feb. 13 among female friends.