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Minnesota community tracks down recipient of letter sent 68 years ago

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Posted at 8:20 PM, Dec 27, 2021

A letter finally arrived 68 years later with the help of one Minnesota community.

One day, a letter showed up in Susan Nordin's mailbox.

“And so the date was only five years after the house was built. It was built in 1948," Nordin said.

To find out more about the letter, she turned to Facebook.

"Being able to use the communication we have now, we were able to track it down within two days, where it should go, and that’s incredible," Nordin said.

With the help of fellow residents, Nordin got in touch with Ed Nelson's granddaughter Connie Anderholm.

"It was kinda nice. I remember when my grandmother passed, my mother inherited the house, she sold it, and then I thought, well, that's the end of an era," said Anderholm.

Connie said the letter was about the birth of her brother Jim when her father was deployed in Germany.

The letter's discovery means more to Anderholm now since Jim passed recently.

"It's a pretty good Christmas gift," said Anderholm. "We were still licking our wounds from his loss, and it'll be a nice piece of family history. I'm sure the letter won't get lost again."