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Noma, top-rated restaurant in the world, to close

Denmark Restaurant
Posted at 1:59 PM, Jan 09, 2023

Noma, the Denmark restaurant that has repeatedly been named the best in the world, will close.

"Winter 2024 will be the last season of noma as we know it. We are beginning a new chapter; noma 3.0," Noma's creator René Redzepi wrote in a post on the restaurant's website.

Redzepi said the restaurants will transform into a giant lab in 2025. It will be dedicated to the "development of new flavors" that can be shared more widely.

"In this next phase, we will continue to travel and search for new ways to share our work. Is there somewhere we must go in the world to learn? Then we will do a noma pop-up," Redzepi said.

The influential chef said he and his team have spent the last two years planning this next venture and they plan to spend many more years realizing their goal.

"Our goal is to create a lasting organization dedicated to groundbreaking work in food, but also to redefine the foundation for a restaurant team, a place where you can learn, you can take risks, and you can grow," he said.