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Police: Colorado man arrested after people held at gunpoint

Police: Colorado man arrested after people held at gunpoint
Posted at 9:57 AM, Jun 16, 2020

DENVER (AP) — Authorities have arrested a Colorado man they say held two roofing-company salesmen at gunpoint who had been knocking on doors in his neighborhood.

Police told KUSA-TV that both salesmen were wearing blue polo shirts with a local roofing company logo when Scott Gudmundsen forced them to the ground Thursday.

The 65-year-old Gudmundsen told police he thought they were members of a far-left-leaning group known as Antifa.

Police determined the two workers were doing nothing wrong and arrested Gudmundsen.

In a letter, Colorado State University university president Joyce McConnell, athletic director Joe Parker, and head football coach Steve Addazio addressed the situation.

"Our student is a young man of color, while the perpetrator is white," the letter read. "Regardless of what investigators learn or reasons the perpetrator gives, we know this: Our student got up Thursday morning, worked out with his team, then showered, dressed, and went to work. Hours later, he was facing a stranger with a gun and hearing police sirens that had been inexplicably called on him. Given what we have seen happening in cities across this county, we know all too well that this encounter could have proceeded very differently."

No attorney was listed for Gudmundsen in court records.