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Post office removing machines, raising prices, warning of election delays

Post office removing machines, raising prices, warning of election delays
Posted at 4:50 PM, Aug 14, 2020

The sudden and abrupt breakdown of the US Postal Service has unfolded in recent days as Democrats call for a funding boost ahead of this year’s presidential election.

On Friday, the USPS announced a temporary price increase in some services from Oct. 18 until Dec. 27. The rate hike affects commercial services, as retail services are not affected.

Meanwhile, the USPS has been removing mailboxes and processing machines. The machines and mailboxes are being removed across the country, according to local reports from a number of Scripps stations.

On Friday, CNN and the Washington Post reported that a number of states have received letters from the Postal Service warning that they might not have the ability to ensure ballots are sent and returned in a timely manner. The warning comes as more Americans are expected to utilize mail-in voting due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“The Postal Service is asking election officials and voters to realistically consider how the mail works,” Martha Johnson, a spokeswoman for the USPS, said in a statement to the Washington Post.

Despite requesting a mail-in ballot himself for next week’s Florida primary, President Donald Trump has tried to sow doubt in recent weeks over the reliability of mail-in voting, claiming that the process is ripe with fraud. But there has been limited evidence to suggest his fears are founded.

With the postal service facing financial troubles due to rising pension costs and decreasing usage, Trump said he would agree to funding the Postal Service, but would need some concessions from Democrats.

"Sure, if they gave us what we want. And it’s not what I want, it’s what the American people want," Trump said Friday.