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Testing the theory: University of Kentucky hoping to shorten student quarantine period

Posted at 4:01 PM, Sep 25, 2020

LEXINGTON, Kent. - Students on the University of Kentucky campus will put a theory to the test by using more testing.

"Anyone who is quarantined would be tested on day three, day five, day seven, day 10, and day 14," said Dr. Robert DiPaola, the College of Medicine dean.

The goal is to see if the 14-days of quarantine are a little excessive.

"Whether that initial testing period, so, for example, day three, or day five, or day shirk, was predictive of them being OK on day 14," DiPaola added.

If enough tests come back negative in under 14 days, researchers feel as if they'd have their answers, and students might be able to get back outside much sooner.

"I think it's awesome," said freshman Blake Burden. "To shorten quarantine and get back to class and start socializing and seeing people again would be great."

There's an added medical benefit to this program too.

"Mental health and well-being. It's hard for these students or anyone to quarantine for 14 days," DiPaola said.

And because of that challenge, compliance with the 14 days becomes an issue, and slippage there can lead to more cases elsewhere.

"It'll help us have a better handle on how to work towards decreasing transmission," DiPaola said.

This story was first reported by Michael Berk at WLEX in Lexington, Kentucky.