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Twitter suspended accounts related to tracking Elon Musk's private jet

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Posted at 12:44 PM, Dec 14, 2022

The Twitter account that tracked Elon Musk's private jet was suspended, then later appeared to have been restored.

The profile for @elonjet previously said "Account Suspended." The site says it suspends accounts that violate Twitter rules. However, it's unclear what rule the account allegedly violated.

Musk, a self-proclaimed advocate of free speech, purchased Twitter in October for $44 billion. Days later, he tweeted that he had no intention of suspending the account despite claiming it was a personal safety risk.

The billionaire has not said why the account was suspended.

The owner of the account, Jack Sweeney, tweeted Wednesday morning, telling his followers that they can still track Musk's jet on other platforms. Sweeney's personal account was suspended hours later.

Sweeney, who is reportedly 20 years old, started the account several years ago. He said he uses publicly available to track the jet, dismissing security concerns. Sweeney told CNBC that he started the account as a hobby because he was interested in Musk's business dealings.