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Who you should be tipping this holiday season

Posted at 8:33 AM, Dec 11, 2019

Now is the season for giving and that might mean throwing in some extra cash into your tip. You might even be tipping people you normally don’t.

Wisetta Dolsey is a certified etiquette consultant. Dolsey says people you should thinking about tipping extra around the holidays include babysisters, lawn care providers or anyone who helps you make life a little easier.

As far as how much you should tip – look at your budget.

“We want to give and we want to give generously, but we want to give within our means,” said Dolsey.

If you still have questions on how much you should tip a particular profession, click here .

While tipping cash might be preferred for some people, for others it could be deemed unacceptable. United States Postal workers are not allowed to accept cash, checks or gift cards. Also not allowed to accept cash tips, store associates at Kroger working for “Kroger Clicklist” a grocery loading service.

“It’s always a good idea if you aren’t sure about what you should give someone, call the company and ask what is the gift giving policy, because you don’t want to in your generosity get someone in trouble because they’ve accepted something from you that they shouldn’t,” said Dolsey.

Other grocery loading services, like Shipt, expect a tip. As far as delivery services, use your best judgment based on the relationship.

“Unless I am seeing you often, every month, every couple of weeks then I don’t think I should be giving you a tip for Christmas, but if you are my regular Amazon person, you make sure I get all my packages I am going to give you something,” said Dolsey.

If you’re tight on a budget, Dolsey says to consider giving back in other ways. Baking, cooking or providing a free service are all ways to show your appreciation toward someone.

This story was originally published by Ali Hoxie at WXYZ.