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Workers discover underground beer cave from the 19th century

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Posted at 8:14 AM, Jul 14, 2022

Electrical workers recently discovered a 150-year-old beer cave in Winterset, Iowa.

Chuck Johnson, the electric supervisor who oversaw the project, told WCCI-TV that the cave is 12 by 20 feet and has a “beautiful arch ceiling.”

“When we poked our head in and the arched ceiling, there isn't a flaw in it. It's just like it was brand new,” Johnson told WCCI.

Madison County Historical Complex officials told WCCI that the cave belonged to Morris Schroeder's Brewery. The organization said the brewery was the subject of complaints by the community.

"He was basically ran out because of the brewery, his beer because they didn't want it in the community anymore,” said Jared McDonald, the Madison County Historical Complex curator.

The cave now sits underground. Officials said they will use imaging radar to examine it and determine how to preserve it.