323437005_894951054839486_1026538177228324262_n.jpg "Main Street in Park City New Year's Eve"Photo by: Charles Uibel 323328185_880730986288103_3299548581823888396_n.jpg "Large flakes of snow finally fell after a whole day of rain this afternoon near Cedar City in Southern Utah."Photo by: Shelly K. Lambing 322386026_573981437881534_1631203664141533657_n.jpg "Our deck, in Tollgate Canyon."Photo by: Jana Lee Pouget 322116657_1483047815517139_894039148208440203_n.jpg "After multiple plowings throughout the day, this is in Riverton, tonight. And, it's still coming down! Photo by my wife."Photo by: Norman Wolf 323061134_1133404604046539_7415585909693588804_n.jpg "Taken just before 5pm today in south tooele. Sticky snow weighing everything down."Photo by: Cory Jennings 323134353_5135767213193395_4727707831301292895_n.jpg "We got more than 5 inches here on the South end of Tooele."Photo by: Don Cavender 323556809_5820344174724887_8514406335124430364_n.jpg "The Yurt at Solitude Mountain Resort"Photo by: Dennis Hovet 323688488_532626188810219_3760104103549341391_n.jpg "Excited to see what winter has wrought!" (from Pleasant Grove)Photo by: Steve Holbrook 323146880_1316036299158994_8418985029732793091_n.jpg "Quite the storm rolling through Utah tonight. Taken in Lehi."Photo by: Shanna L. Christensen 322250660_481805457470217_2108734756970205017_n.jpg "At this rate we won't be able to get the Christmas decorations out of the yard until Spring. #frozeninsandy"Photo by: Julie Dahl Slack 323622357_1236248357274246_8879018462215242924_n.jpg "January 1 beautiful snow in Monticello Utah"Photo by: Kaylee Dalton 323557851_566070851696034_6037271426201201167_n.jpg "Close to 2 1/2 feet up here in Huntsville"Photo by: Cary Turner 323433839_846934229890546_4474197079593152_n.jpg "It's a Marshmallow World in the Winter. Today's snowfall." (from Riverton)Photo by: Mckell Danise 321665612_1906249859717798_5787986082478353788_n.jpg "Close to 2 feet in Kamas"Photo by: Cory Williamson 323768743_712257337273927_3005389242639258906_n.jpg "Happy New Year Herriman/Riverton!"Photo by: Paul Te Prieto 322713526_2283797705132885_1542573211434501674_n.jpg "Bear lake Utah"Photo by: Tim Holdaway 321750453_692140405781214_7187903218725049007_n.jpg "Snow on Riverton. Happy New Year everyone!"Photo by: Rick Carter 323579872_1385641668931346_2932379533052733486_n.jpg Views from East SandyPhoto by: Jaime Zenger 323624157_1201724390446800_5428904505460230901_n.jpg In Heber CityPhoto by: Deborah Kooring 323621898_544405530740203_9186903579291696604_n.jpg "Our driveway in Heber"Photo by: Shawntelle Holmes Gale 321993207_864244988031428_7412677829826308264_n.jpg "Happy New Year [from] Midway, Utah"Photo by: Brenda Berrett Svendsen