Meet the Candidate: Bart Blair

Posted at 5:44 PM, Aug 29, 2023

OGDEN, Utah — Generations of Bart Blair’s family have always been a part of the fabric of Ogden. Now he hopes to carry that legacy on by becoming mayor and strengthen the community.

“Ogden city is in a great spot to partner with the county, to partner with state, with Weber State, that’s a great partner here in our community,” said Blair. “We have so many different entities here in our community and the more we are able to partner and the more we are able to work together, the better the product is at the end.”

Blair is in his fourth term as an Ogden city council member, with a knowledge of the inner workings of the city and budgets and hopes to bring his business knowledge to the table.

“We’re here at our family business,” said Blair, at his family’s gas station and service center. “It’s been in our family for 70 years, so I’ve been at this corner almost my life which has been a wonderful blessing to me and my family.

“I get to interact with so many different members of our community on a daily basis. I get to see how they live, where their struggles are, what things they expect from a city, and how I can best help them.”

Blair wants to make everyone feel included and heard.

“I think we do a great job of attracting businesses, but I think we could be better at our customer service to our residents whether that means getting out and meeting with our residents, helping them through,” he said

The Ogden primary election for the mayoral seat is already underway. It’s an open seat with 7 candidates vying for the spot. The current mayor of Ogden city, Mike Caldwell, announced earlier this year that he would not run for re-election after this third term.

Every active voter in Ogden receives a ballot in the mail and all are eligible to vote in the mayoral race. The top two candidates from the primary election on Sept. 5, will face off in the general election on Nov. 21.

Ballots have already been sent out, so you can cast your votes by or on election day, which is September 5. You can verify your voter registration, view a sample ballot and learn more about all the candidates at

You can vote in person at the Weber Center from Aug 29 to Sept 1 from 12pm to 6 pm and on election day from 7 am to 8 pm.

You can also drop off your ballot at secure drop boxes 24/7 located at every city office, the county library, in the Weber Center parking lot and at Weber State.

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