Survey says: Take the tax off Social Security benefits

Posted at 11:05 AM, Dec 08, 2022

SALT LAKE CITY — Utahn voters of all ages and across party lines agree; legislators should take the tax off of Social Security benefits.

These findings were part of an AARP Utah survey, which said the findings underscore their support for Governor Cox and state legislators to make eliminating the tax a top priority in next year's legislative session.

Utah is one of just 11 states that still taxes these benefits.

Utah State Representatives Walt Brooks (R-Dt. 75) and Norman Thurston (R-Dt. 62) have already opened bill files addressing the tax on Social Security benefits.

Tax off Social Security chart

“Our survey shows that Utah voters want the state tax on Social Security benefits eliminated for all taxpayers. Utahns are paying more to put groceries on their tables, take their lifesaving medicines, and put gas in their tanks, said Danny Harris, AARP Utah Associate State Director for Advocacy.

"Entirely removing the state tax on Social Security benefits is the first step the Utah Legislature can take to provide tax relief to more Utahns.”

AARP Utah encourages Utahns to sign this petition encouraging elected officials to make this change.

Currently Utah taxes Social Security benefits on income of $37,000 or higher for individual filers and $62,000 or higher for joint filers.

Survey results also show that 84 percent of Utah voters are unfamiliar with Utah's tax circuit breaker program which provides tax relief to older homeowners and renters who meet eligibility requirements.

Go here to see the complete survey.